Suede @ The Forum

Written for Total Music Magazine  

Suede’s gig at Kentish Town’s Forum is a story of two halves – of their present and their past. Things begin with their seventh offering Night Thoughts being played in its entirety. The band is semi-cloaked behind a huge drop-down screen, on which Roger Sargent’s accompanying film is shown. It is moving without being overly pretentious or artsy and well received by an audience who have had a few weeks to get the semi-concept album under their skin; although the lyrics deal mainly with withered relationships and feelings of isolation, it is not mournful. Standout tracks tonight have to be the energetic ‘Like Kids’ and the more reflective and haunting ‘Pale Snow’.
After a quick half-time break, the band explodes into an eclectic set ranging from electrifying classic hits like ‘Animal Nitrate’ and ‘Trash’ to a gorgeous stripped-back rendition of ‘Everything Will Flow’. A particular highlight is 1994 b-side ‘Killing of a Flashboy’. The fact that a twenty-two-year-old non-album track is so rapturously received and that the audience is so desperate to reach out and touch Brett Anderson for just half a second each time he swaggers down to the barrier is testament to the enduring adoration there is for Suede – tonight is no exception.


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